DataON Cluster-in-a-Box adds 12Gb/s SAS to new Intel Xeon platform

This first of its kind, all-in-one appliance from DataON Storage delivers dual-node highly-available (HA) services featuring the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product family, along with shared 12Gb/s SAS storage in an energy and space saving condensed 2U footprint. The CiB-9224 includes end-to-end 12Gb/s SAS performance, tuned for hybrid HDD/SSD auto-tiering with Windows Server 2012 R2 failover clustering starring Storage Spaces. Continuing the innovations, the DataON CiB-9224 employs top of the line energy efficient DDR4 memory, integrated dual 10Gb Ethernet ports per node and can swiftly scale by adding external DataON JBODs through the Avago® DataBolt™ SAS expander technology.

The cluster-in-a-box converged architecture is positioned to consolidate disparate file and compute servers into one easy-to-manage comprehensive scale-out virtual machine and file storage appliance. The industry first 12Gb/s SAS CiB-9224 clustered storage appliance is based on a modular chassis supporting dual clustered nodes located side-by-side fused with the highly scalable 24-bay JBOD. This slim 2U chassis design provides a much denser, more efficient storage and processing architecture to dramatically reduce complex cabling and lengthy deployment times.dataon_device.png

The CiB-9224 design is tuned for remote branch (ROBO) and mid-sized office (SMB) environments to dynamically run up to 50+ VMs and up to 48TB of 12Gb/s SAS shared storage from a single easy to manage appliance—eliminating the complexity and sprawl of disparate IT devices. The next generation Intel Xeon architecture allows the CiB-9224 to break through the performance barrier and deliver well over 1 million IOPS (4k 100% random read) to meet the needs of the most performance hungry VMs with eight modular SAS expansion ports to scale beyond a petabyte.

Environments running dozens of VMs can benefit from the use of up to twenty-four SSDs which can offer high performance and extremely low latency. As a tiered storage ready appliance the CiB-9224 can support a mix of SSDs and HDDs to deliver the right level of performance and capacity for applications. While the DataON CiB-9224 is tuned for Windows Server 2102 R2, it does remain an OS-agnostic platform where ZFS and Linux users can also take advantage of the clustered solution with high performance all-SSD pure storage endurance.

The CiB family of storage appliances from DataON offers a series of storage building block innovations able to consolidate both server and storage into a single appliance—resulting in cost savings and efficient performance by utilizing the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v3 product family. The ability to deliver dozens of VMs and over a million IOPS throughput from a tiered storage 2U clustered converged storage form factor positions the CiB-9224 to have storage professionals seriously rethink the validity of certain overvalued all-flash pure storage designs. DataON believes every company should enjoy the reliability of high-availability and high performance with lower capital expenses. The CiB-9224 helps make this possible.

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